Since 2003, the internet home of "the old neighborhood" - Stratton Park , Bronx NY  

Thanks to Matt Keenan, we now have over 300 photos of all of Stratton Park as it is today. Matt spent numerous hours on this project as well as numerous trips to the old neighborhood. They include photos of familiar scenes - street corners, buildings, parks, as well as most of the high schools that would have been attended by Stratton Park students.

Archer Street


White Plains Road

Leland Avenue

Thieriot Avenue

Taylor Avenue

P.S. 102 Playground
now Taylor Playground

Beach Avenue

Guerlain Street

Wood Avenue

St. Lawrence Avenue

Merrill Street

Guion Place

Commonwealth Avenue

St. Anthony's
church, schools, garden & grotto

Mansion Street

Rosedale Avenue

Noble Avenue
and Noble Field

East Tremont Avenue
and tracks

Street Scenes

Local High Schools
and End!



Established in 2003, This page is a monument to a little spot in the Bronx called Stratton Park. Once the name of a thriving community, it describes a part of the Bronx situated between White Plains Road to the Bronx River Parkway, East Tremont Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway. The neighborhood was named for a real estate developer, John Stratton O'Leary, who starting in 1926 built blocks of apartment buildings that would become the heart of Stratton Park. His buildings were also known un-officially as the O'Leary Flats. The Purpose of this web site is to remember Stratton Park and to pay tribute to John O'Leary and the many others that made it a great place to live, work and play. Please visit our Message Board to see what other have said and perhaps add your own remembrances and facts.