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Name: Theresa Thornby Walsh <>
Date: 2004-12-12
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1459 Taylor & 1436 Beach
When did you live there 1946-1961
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
This site is terrific..I always tell people I had the best childhood in the world & now this website confirms it! I remember the accapela boys,johnny Gannon,Jimmy O'Hagen,Larry Farrell,Terry Murphy they sang in the hall at 1459 Taylor..I was friendly with madeline Gannon from that building (apt 12A)..We were supt's @1436 Beach..Ann Lavin was my best friend. We frequented Howie's candy store but we equally went to Harry Gelman's & I remember his wife Estelle. Seems like we all remember Doc Adler.,Sullivans Bar & Mulhollands.Not to forget Klines & the really great hot-dogs they had. I saw a memory from Bob Hammer,I remember him,too. His mother Madeline bought Howies.When the cross bronx express came thru a whole new "light" was shed on the neighborhood.St. anthony's!what a great place to go to school.Who remembers Sister Laboure? She kept my interest.she really had a good effect on my life.The plays..How fun were they,I still know all the words to Galway Bay,Hail men of Fordham Hail, You got to be a football hero& many more. Dumbwaiters! being the supt I had access to those & my friend Ann Lavin & I would ride them up & down & ring peoples bells. lol! Where is Tommy Rowland? does anybody know?.he & I used to fall down laughing @ a shopkeeper we called Ketardis Lardis! I like to think of going to woolworths & spending all afternoon deciding what to buy with 50 cents.And Macy's we would walk there alone..those days are gone for sure. How about walking to Daitchs on Archer street going towards White Plains road..we would walk past & pick up the lid on the pickle barrel to get a wonderful whif. Hi too all my schoolchums from White Plains Road,Delia Burke,James Clancy,Ethel Breheny,from Theriot Kathleen Karnbach, from upper Taylor Ave Cathy Benkovic,Jeanne White & her cousin Richard White,Danny Jackson & from upper Beach Richard Heany,Richard Heaphy & his brother Chris, Chuck Martino ,Wm. McGowan, William O'Reilly,William Leahy,Betsy Wallace,Robert Larkin,and all those who graduated St.Anthony's in 1960.Love all those Bronx memories!!!!
Name: Martin Walsh <>
Date: 2004-12-08
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1803 Archer, 1530 Beach, 1803 Guerlain
When did you live there 1935-1958
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Nothing but
NY Post the other day had a story about a young girl gettins shot when fight broke out in a bodega at the corner of White Plains Rd. and Guerlain St. That must be the old Cushnman's bakery. I think it was Hanscom's before it was Cushman's.

Also the Sgt. Chris Engledrum being buried today from St. Benedict's is apparently a member of the Engledrum family who had a gas station at Tremont and Randall(?)Aves. for most of the last century beginning in the Twenties. I forget their brand, but it was the one with the tiger in the tank. Don Engeldrum ran the place with his father.

Name: jane sagona <>
Date: 2004-11-29
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1478 beach ave/ corn of archer
When did you live there 1961- 1984
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
this is a great website.....I never knew the history to my old neighborhood......that picture of beach and archer across from the "drug store" is a great picture of where i lived my whole childhood.....i could almost "see" inside the
Name: Adriana Monti <>
Date: 2004-11-28
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1456 Leland Ave (2nd flr, back)
When did you live there me: 1962-1983; my parents until 1995
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
My mom would have gladly made room at the table for you, Marion!
Name: Marion Farrell Cronin <>
Date: 2004-11-27
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1442 Leland Avenue
When did you live there 1962-1981
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
Just read my neighbor Adrianna's posting about Thanksgiving, and all I can say is, if I had known all those culinary treats were going on up the block, I most certainly would have come by whether I was invited or not! (No offense to my mother's cooking - but let's get real - authentic Italian food beats anything else.)
Name: Virginia Benkovic (Tobin) <Virval>
Date: 2004-11-27
Just found out that they are having a Benefit for Danny Sheehan today Nov. 27, 2004. Danny passed away the first week of Oct. this year from a heart attack. The benefit will be at The Morris Club in City Island from 7-12. The cost is $125.00 per person. I am finding out the directions and will post them later.
Name: gerri cunningham pare <>
Date: 2004-11-25
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1426 Beach Ave. apt. 17
When did you live there 1946-1973
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
So glad to hear about this site. St. Anthony's parish was a great place to grow up, so many kids to play with and we didn't realize or care that we weren't in an upscale neighborhood; we just made good friends, sometimes kept some for life. I want to alert readers about John Patrick Shanley's new play Doubt: A Parable just opened and set in St. Anthony's School with (true-life characters) I remember: young Sr. James and the principal, Sr. Aloysius. I've kept in touch with Sr. James (Peggy) and -- John Patrick, if you see this I assure you she is still the "a teacher of uncrushed ideals and enthusiasm" as the NY Times review described her character. I called her this morning at Mt. St. Vincents to tell her and she was flabberghasted ("OhmyGod" she kept exclaiming). It was a lovely, joyous conversation. I suggested she write you at this site but she's not into email though one of the other sisters might write for her. I'm sure she would love to see the play and maybe meet you again after all these years. (I was in your brother Thomas' class of '60). Anyway I hope many of youreading this get to see Doubt before it closes on Jan. 9.
Name: Adriana Monti <>
Date: 2004-11-24
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1456 Leland Ave (2nd flr, back)
When did you live there me: 1962-1983; my parents until 1995
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Something I heard on the radio triggered this memory...

We had a very small kitchen. The window faced an inner courtyard along with 7 other kitchen windows (4 windows in our building, the other 4 windows of the next builing). Our window faced south and, since we were on the top floor (2nd flr,) we always had sunlight.

The kitchen was so small, in fact, that there was barely room to walk - especially since we had a table in there too! Although it was tight, my Mom managed wonderfully. She did a lot of baking and cooking for the holidays. Looking back, I am in awe of how she managed - without the luxury of a countertop, a microwave, or a dishwasher. And, she cooked from scratch. Being Italian, she would make homemade pasta, ravioli, and cappeletti/tortelini - the fillings were so tasty. She would also make tortas - homemade dough of flour, water, and a drop or two of olive oil - lining a baking sheet and filled with rice/spinach/parmesan cheese or potatos/leeks. Again, I am in awe of how she managed to make such grand foods in such a humble space.

For Thanksgiving, she would make a chestnut stuffing that was superb.

Of all her holiday dishes, she is infamous - on both sides of the family - for her zambaliogne (sp?). Eggs, sugar, and puerto rican rum wisked and cooked over a double boiler. She would use the egg shells for measuring the sugar and rum! Lady fingers lined the bowl as a garnish.


Date: 2004-11-02
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1382 White Plains Road
When did you live there 1941-1957
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
Would love to hear from anybody at this old address. We all knew each other in the neighborhood.
Name: rick mangini <>
Date: 2004-10-20
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1523 leland ave.
When did you live there 1952-1973
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
Name: Margaret Mc Govern <>
Date: 2004-10-17
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1450 and 1407 Taylor Ave.
When did you live there 1941-1976

I will be always grateful to God and my parents for the privledge of living in this area. The church, school,people and lifestyle were a blessing that I will always cherish.

Name: Jane Gallagher <Five>
Date: 2004-10-08
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1809 Archer St. apt 11
When did you live there 40s &50s
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
Had wonderful friends, and some great times.
Name: Jim Shanley <>
Date: 2004-09-27
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1533 Beach Avenue
When did you live there 1957 to 1961
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
I was in the Navy when my family moved to Beach Ave. We were the first house in the row next to McMurtys. My sister Patsy was married in ST. Anthony's to Ed Seith. My brother John & Tom were still living there when I was married in 1961. My Dad lived to be 95 & Mom until she was 88. A wonderful family & a great neighborhood & the best memories.
Name: Joseph Wallace <>
Date: 2004-09-26
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1478 Beach Avenue
When did you live there 1948 - 1971
My first time visiting the site. I was directed to it by my sister Janet who now lives in Connecticut. My sisters Beth and Joann live on Long Island. I'll drop in again
Name: Gene O'Hanlon <>
Date: 2004-09-22
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1522 Beach Avenue
When did you live there 1935 to 1956
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat YES
Name: Martin Walsh <>
Date: 2004-09-21
Where did you live in Stratton Park Archer St., Beach Ave., Guerlain St.
When did you live there 1935-1958
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
Just checking in at random today. Glad to see all the new entries from people with encyclopedic memories. I also thought I ought to advise them that I have a website they might like to read. I publish on it every Monday, but expect to expand that. It's called I got the title from Dan Parker, who wrote a great sports column in the Daily Mirror. He had a different title for each day of the week, i.e., The Broadway Bugle, The Customers Always Write, Once Over Lightly But Not Politely, and the one I use, plus a couple I don't remember. I don't write a lot about sports, but I cover everything else, with as much humor as I can come up with. I've been doing it almost a year already, so there's an archive of my back numbers available.

I see Mr. Shanley from Beach Ave. has checked in. My wife is a big fan of his movie "Moonstruck". I suppose he knows Vincent Patrick, author of "The Pope of Greenwich Village", also from the naborhood. He had some Castle Hill Ave. scenes in the picture. He (Shanley)lists 1533 Beach as his address. I was in 1530 in the 30's. I wonder if 1533 was the last house before the vacant lot. If so, the first people I knew there were the McMurtrys (phon.)and the next ones were the O'Sheas, my cousins. If this rings any bells with anyone, please post here or at my e-mail address.

Name: Bunny Bappert <>
Date: 2004-09-20
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1807 Archer st.
When did you live there 1942-1966
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
New E-Mail address
Name: kay rogan moore <>
Date: 2004-09-20
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1563 taylor avenue
When did you live there 1946-1969
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
i am amazed at people's memories...what a wonderful childhood we had....i am writing to ask your help...i am running the st anthony's 1959 class reunion and we are missing some of our classmates. if anyone knows the whereabouts of athur connolly, john keane, john mazzarella, john o'malley, charley reynolds, richi rinaldi, peter spina, robert kirkwood or robert scotti please email me...the reunion is october 23rd and we are running out of time to find them. any help would be much appreciated.
Name: Ed Bourke <>
Date: 2004-09-08
Where did you live in Stratton Park Archer St "The Hub of Stratton Pk"
When did you live there 1939 - 1964
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat 1809 3rd flr apt 16
Hello Old Friends and neighbors


I dialed in last night and read the entire message board.

I jogged my memory as far back as 5yrs old. I was involved with a wide range of dates and events because of older and
younger siblings.

It may not be chronilogical as I dig deep into memory.

I remember the parade and party at the end of the WW II I think it took place at Beach / Archer, you were always reminded by the visit to the greatest Barber Shop in history, "Pete the Barbers" beside being a show case
of memorable photos, you could always get the latest neighborhood news.

You could always count on Frank the "Shoemaker" to sew or glue your soles from flapping and if they didn't flop you
could alwalys insert the cardboard to protect against the hole in shoes.

While in the Barber shop if a hair fragment got into your eys you'd go next door to Doc Adler to swab it out for zero

I remember the meat store robbery of the Piermont Butcher
on Archer St, I could look out my bedroom window and watch
as Gene/Dick Durkin caught them red handed with the meat slicer and other goodies, shots were fired at random, it was exiting but more comforting was the fact that the neighborhood was alwalys being protected.

I could remember the Baseball warm-up catches that took place on Archer St as the famous Playdrome Clippers gathered for the game at McCumbsdam or Harris field, the
great team was horored with the likes of Mike Rock (D), Jerry Kissane (D), Jimmy Kissane, Paul Massi, Harry O'Brien,
Jack Tokar, Mickey Bonaramo, and others. From one of the games I think at Harris field we flagged a yellow cab and proceeded to 1459 Taylor Av where we exited the cab and headed for the Alley ways to cut through to Beach Av and made our way to the Beer Bar for a Frank and soda and maybe a crap shoot, It was a challenge to beat the fair

The great softball games at the "School Yard" with the older guys Bob Rock, Whitey Blazt, Whitey Holtz,John Tinelli, Mario (the Pepsi man), the Lukes, the Lyons, and a host of other great
(Beach/Archer next to "The Lots"

Lets not forget the great "Stick Ball" games in the school
yard ALLEY, and again the Crap Shoots while the games were being played.

The Archer Boys dinner/dances that kept the neighborhood solid, the Picnic at German Stadium and of course there
was a Archer Boys Dinner/Dance at German Stadium and I remember a great rumble in the Bar area, there were some guys there from another crowd and they happen to match
a group of guys that had beaten up on Mickey Bonaramo.
Well as everyone who wanted a piece of the action lined up
around them or by the Shuffle Bd table it exploded, I remember Danny Kissane Roger O'Brien getting a little assistance from the Shuffle Bd table,(Those pucks are heavy)

The games we enjoyed, stoop ball, kick the can, stickball, hit the coin of pop stick, slap ball, scullzy. The scooters
we made with old lumber and nails, orange or milk crates.
The nails we had to find in the lots, don't forget the war
was on and things to build were not easily accessible.
The Marble shoots on upper Taylor by the Lumber yd lot,the oil cloth gunes we made from the orange crated, how dangerous was that.

When the War was on I remember saving cooking fat and bringing it to the butcher for a few pennies.

When you were going to be an Alter Boy , if you pass the Latin recitel by Fr Hurley, you had to go buy your White collars down on Westchester ave and Thieriot in the dry good stores.

I remember the snowball fights that took place on Archer St
there were a couple of guys who could throw from the middle of the lots on Beach and reach Abe and Ginbers candy store.
One of names I remember was big Eddie ????? Blond hair and lived upper beach,,,,, good friends with Harry OBrien.

I remember summer school at ps102 supervised and controlled by Mrs RUSSO, She was not well liked and a lot of kids feared her.

I remember buying loosie's for a penney of two from Abe or even earlier from Bob Comody he use to work or own that Candy store before Abe and Ginger. The Gellmans didn.t
sell loosies. Between Harry ,Stella, Herbie, Donny and Paulie the candy store was open from 5:30am till 11pm every day except Sunday 6am till 5pm ????

And as you walked towards Beach Av from Archer/TAylor the stores were Gellmans Candy Store, the cleaners,a dry goods store, a big deli, franks repaire shop (for Oleary flats)
the great fish market "Augies, Westchester Fish Market, the butcher/lundry, the vegetable store. Ahern's liquior store,Ahern's shoe store, a mini hardware store, MULLHOLLANDS.....and down the other way Doc Adlers, Pete the Barbers, Frank the Shoemaker,1801/1803 apts, Bakery/Whites religious art, Lipshitz cleaners, Ardea Realty (O'Leary rent office), Slabodas Laundry, Ardea business office, Abe & Gingers Candy Store 1807-1809, the vegetable store, The butcher's , the German Deli.

ON one of the Msg Boards there was a several notes that I do remember. you would always see the Dillon girl going to the 6:45am mass before school.

The other msg was about Betty Mcquillan and Pat Mcquillan, I was standing on the stoop at 1809,Saturday morning when Pat Mcquillan exited from the yellow cab in Marine uniform and duffle bag. Shortly after his arrival and his hello's
I think Matty came out of the apt house with his new 2 pc pool stick headed for the Playdrome.

I remember Betty and Pat especially in the catskill, I was there when Paddy was painting his car in the early 50's that he acquired from a Barn next store. Hi Betty
myself and Angie are doing fine we had 5 girls and inturn now have 15 GrandChildren 10 girls 5 boys, just recently
reached the 15 plateau Emma and Ryan

How about the St Anthony plays in May a Sat and Sun show with our new fancy costumes .

We all should remember Bronx Pool and Beach the Bus ride there and the little spanish kid who use to dance at the Pool , the french fries and Ices we took on the bus from the little snack stand by the bus stop

The long walks to Orchard Beach because the lines were to long when you got off the Phelam Bay Train Section 15 17 by the big rock

Tom the phony man with the phony rides and the WHIP

the Carnival at Hugh Grant Cirle or down on Westchester ave near Rosedale.

The great St Lawrence snow hill that could take you from the Seith's house past Anello's ,Falks past Gion St. there was a deli down there that you get a snack in and then walk back up again.

There was the great Christmas tree hunt in Parkchester that we would drag the trees to the lots on Beach and Archer and light them and watch the flames rise 100 ft into the air, (how stupid was that)

The big Snow fall of 1948 near 3-4 ft there was a bunch of us who went to lot on Beach/archer climb the fench and dive into the snow. That was a great lot for sleigh riding.

I've been keeping in touch with the guys twice a yr at Charlies inn, the next gathering is Oct 14 Thurs at 12noon
the age of the gathering is 60 -- 80 younger and older are welcome.

I remember lining up outside school and Fr Scully use to shuffle along in his loafers checking the kids out, then sister Anita (Principle) use to comeout and ring her bell.
I made it out in 1954, I liked it so much I spent 9 yrs.
We had an art teacher a penmenship teacher, Mrs Larkin and the rest were the Nums my favorite nun was the RULER
Sr Dolores 5th grade, my favorite meeting spot for us, was the hallway, I wasn't bad she just liked to look at my legs.

What else....The yrly Bazaar's The 8th GRADE Graduation,
the basketball games at the gym, the St Patrick day dance
The football games at noble field and unique dressing room on the side of the field, when the football games were not really organized but happened every Sunday, the Archer boys use to always play the Steer's and TuLu the only person who was different in color but a gentleman from across 177th st
by the Marble factory. Temper's flaired up but it never got
out of hand with an all out rumble. Some times the game
was against the packers from Leland/Archer (Green/Gold)
They even had a green/Gold bus to travel to the games.

I remember the Good Human wagon that try to cut into Steve the Bungalow man territory, his name was Ahern and his younger brother jake married Joan Sherwood, what a catch
for a guy outside the neighborhood, he had a convertable up.

We had a great fighter in the neighborhood "Frankie Ryff"
I watched one day in front of Abe's Candy store as Bob Awol Tossi put a fire into a milk bottle so he could force a boil
from Frankie arm, Bob was always exciting to be around.

I remember the recovery of 4or5 great guys from a near death car accident under the train el on westchester ave.
I think they were trying to catch the late movie at the Rosedale movie house glad you made it John,Larry,Red,Jack and maybe someone else.

In case you didn't know there is someone still in the neighborhood and his license plate is labeled
"ARCHER ST" the one and only Charlie Malone"

It was the richest neighborhood in the Bronx We had it all
Heart health, good fortune, friendship, respect for our elders, and our M E M O R I E S !!!!!!!!

I hope all the names, words were correctly noted

Name: John Shanley <>
Date: 2004-09-07
When did you live there 1955 to 1970
Does anybody remember Linda Pepe on Guerlain? I was an awkward boy, but God, I loved that girl! She lived next to Loretta Paolo, another pretty Italian girl, who was in my class at St. Anthony's. Two girls next door to each other with the same initials.
Name: John Patrick Shanley <>
Date: 2004-09-07
Pete and Nick the barbers were mainstays to me.
Name: John Patrick Shanley <>
Date: 2004-09-07
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1533 Beach Ave.
When did you live there 1955 to 1970
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
I grew up with Jimmy Rogan, Pat Murphy, Al Striano, Steve Carolyn, Matt Keenan, Patty and Mary Lamasney, Patty Clark, and so many others. I wrote a fictionalized movie about the neighborhood called FIVE CORNERS. George Harrison (the Beatle) put up the money for it, and Jodie Foster, Tim Robbins and John Turturro starred in it.
Name: Marion Farrell Cronin <>
Date: 2004-09-02
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1442 Leland /avenue
When did you live there 10962-1983
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
I read today that Sr. Catherine Mulvey (formerly Sr. Terence Mary) has passed away. She was principal of St. Anthony's for most of my time there, and I'm sure many of you also remember her. May she rest in peace.
Name: maegaret (D'Andrea) <>
Date: 2004-08-18
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1468 Commonwealth Ave
When did you live there 1932-1949
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
I was so glad to hear about Stratton Park. I grew up on Commonwealth Ave. Went to St. Anthony's School up to 4th grade and then went to p.s.47 and James Monroe. I too remember Jake's(Jacobs candy store). I remember Ralph Behringer and his brother Walter. The Apel's and Jackson's also lived there. There was a grandma and grandpa opah who lived there also. We used to play and dance in the streets. We rented bikes to go riding. Was also friends with the Penteck's down the block. I have scince learned that my friend Mary had died of cancer at an early age. Her brother John was the happy whistler. You always heard him when he was going somewhere. I remained friends with Anne Jackson and her family. Her sister also died of cancer. My grandmother's house was next to the Genovese's house. So Ralph if you are reading this please e-mail me, as I tried to e-mail you, but it wouldn't go thru.
I did a special show at St Anthony's . One was an Easter show and the other was doing the Irish jig.Those were the good old day's. Have a nice day to everyone.
P.s. My grandfather built a doctor's house on the corner of Beach St. He also built other houses, but I don't remember which ones. I use to bring him his lunch and dinner when he worked late. The name was D'Andrea.

Name: maegaret (D'Andrea) <>
Date: 2004-08-18
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1468 Commonwealth Ave
When did you live there 1932-1949
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
I was so glad to hear about Stratton Park. I grew up on Commonwealth Ave. Went to St. Anthony's School up to 4th grade and then went to p.s.47 and James Monroe. I too remember Jake's(Jacobs candy store). I remember Ralph Behringer and his brother Walter. The Apel's and Jackson's also lived there. There was a grandma and grandpa opah who lived there also. We used to play and dance in the streets. We rented bikes to go riding. Was also friends with the Penteck's down the block. I have scince learned that my friend Mary had died of cancer at an early age. Her brother John was the happy whistler. You always heard him when he was going somewhere. I remained friends with Anne Jackson and her family. Her sister also died of cancer. My grandmother's house was next to the Genovese's house. So Ralph if you are reading this please e-mail me, as I tried to e-mail you, but it wouldn't go thru.
I did a special show at St Anthony's . One was an Easter show and the other was doing the Irish jig.Those were the good old day's. Have a nice day to everyone.

Name: Martin Walsh <>
Date: 2004-08-05
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1803 Guerlain st.
When did you live there Left it in 1958. In neighborhood since '36.
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes. Paid our rent on Archer St. to Stratton Park office there.
I've been in this before, but today I'm wondering if anyone saw the NY Post yeaterday, 8/4/04. Briefly, three hispanics fought it out over a woman at Taylor and Guerlain at 5:00 AM on July 4th. Mestre shot Gutierrez dead and then Rodriguez did the same to him. Both were DOA at Jacobi Hospital. Rodriguez just got arrested.

In '92 one Leon Ferrando emptied a magazine from a machine pistol into a Pedro Calderon in the lobby of 1807 Archer St. after ambushing him there. Drug territories on Beach Ave. were the cause. I ran into it because I was working with a lawyer who did the appeal for Leon's mother.

I'm sure plenty more has gone on that I've missed. That's not "sorry to have missed", it's just "missed".

Name: Rose T Schofield (NOCELLA) <>
Date: 2004-07-30
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1450 Taylor Ave
When did you live there 1943 to 1960
It was sure fun reading every one's post about the old

The Kirwans lived in my Building, as so did Mr & Mrs Halprin. As did The Meades and McGovern's Bunny if you read tghis write back to me. I had a younger Brother Eddie and a Younger Sister Patty. My Father Phil use to work at the Mobil gas station PT.

Name: Adriana <>
Date: 2004-07-02
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1456 Leland Ave
When did you live there me: 1962-1983; my parents until 1995
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
Like Marion, I remember the day after each 4th of July on Leland Ave - the streets covered with the remnants of various fireworks and their smells still lingering in the air...
Name: Marion Farrell Cronin <>
Date: 2004-06-30
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1442 Leland Avenue
When did you live there 1962-1983
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat No
Now that we are approaching July 4, I coudn't help but remember those celebrations we would have on the block. Looking back, it was almost like a giant block party. We would pull up our lawn chairs outside the house and wait for the "festivities" to begin. My brother and his friends often acquired a "brick" of firecrackers and would ignite them with glee. No one ever got hurt and although the noise was deafening, it was exciting. Often the fireworks went on until three or four in the morning. I don't know if anyone minded, but we sure didn't. Usually if we were treated to ice cream it would be "Mr Softee" but on July 4 "Stevie" from Bungalow Bar made an appearance and we would be treated to deluxe ice cream.

The next morning, the air would still be heavy with smoke and the streets were absolutely littered with spent fireworks, but again, I don't think anyone minded that much as it was a testament to a great celebration.

Name: Maureen Purcell <>
Date: 2004-06-01
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1443 Taylor Ave
When did you live there 1944-1060
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
We lost a dear friend and a lovely person this past March.
Kay McParland O'Brien (widow of Tom O'Brien, sister of Margie and Ann)The McParland girls lived upped Beach (1500's above Archer Street). Both Kay and Tom were graduates of St. Anthony's class of 1952.

Name: Matty McQuillan <>
Date: 2004-04-28
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1809 rcher St &1523 Taylor Ave
When did you live there l935-l958 and l958-1976
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat AbsolutelyJust finished
I just finished reading part of the history of the old neighborhood. It was great seeing all the names from the past and how much they remembered from the famous ARCHER st. and St. Anthony,s.

Just celebrated out 46th anniversary, Mary Jo McNiff and myself it,s been a terrific life.

Regards to all.


Name: nancy gordon <>
Date: 2004-04-28
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1534 beach ave
When did you live there 1955-1960
New at this stuff. My daughter found you. Ask Mom
if she remembers teaching the jig to Sr.Alphonsines class
and performing shows in her apartment. I was in Apt. 21.
Still in touch with Maureen Sullivan, my best friend, also
Jean Coffey who lived in 1530. Love to hear from you Mary.
I'll try and answer you, failed last nite at home, but now
I'm at my daughter's house who is a whiz on the computer.

Name: Vivian (Durkin) Vonderhey <>
Date: 2004-04-13
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1467 Taylor Ave
When did you live there 1972-1986
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
Just read Maureen's comments.. brought back a lot of memories for me too!! Parkchester... I had forgotten that naroow tunnel that went to the back of macy's. I was actually mugged there when I was about 11 yrs old.(seriously). I fondly remeber Zarro's Bakery(YUM!!!) I also remember walking to Carvel's on Friday nights when my dad was alive after we'd go out for supper we would walk there for some Ice-cream. I remember buying school and easter shoes at Cornell's in Parkchester. During the summer I remember all of the parents playing cards outside at night on card tables. I was 5 when I learned to ride my bike up and down Taylor Ave. I think it was 11p.m. when I finally decided to give it a rest. My father was a very patient man..I too loved St. Anthony's, but did not attend school there. My family could not afford to send me and every year I would beg my mom... I loved the uniforms!! (not kidding either). Hope you all had a pleasant easter. I'll be writing in soon.

Blessings to all!


Name: Maureen Bothe <>
Date: 2004-04-11
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1534 Beach Ave ( 23)
When did you live there 1974-1990
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
This is Maureen again with a few memories:

I remember seeing E.T. The Extra Terrestrial at the Circle Theatre near Hugh Grant Circle and when I was a little kid I always thought my mom was saying "U Grand Circle". The Circle theatre back around 1982/1983 housed just one film as far as I can recall because I remember the theatre being so BIG. My grandmother had an account at the bank next door and I remember the huge mural on the wall that went from floor to ceiling. It was something to study while she was doing her mysterious banking (as a kid I was fascinated with deposit slips, etc. and would try to play with them all the time to the chagrin of the employees of the bank, lol)

I remember that hallway over on West Ave which you walked through to get to that back door to Macy*s. My sister and friends and I would always shout when we walked through it because it had such lovely acoustics. In later years I would walk through it very quickly because I became concerned about crime.

I went to St. Anthony's school but I remember mom taking me to PS 102 when she voted. It seemed so huge to me!

I remember Sister Cornelius as being very nice all the time and very caring. I didn't have her as a teacher but my sister did and we both loved her.

My favorite nun was Sister Patricia who sadly didn't stay with St Anthony's long enough.

Sister Catherine used to call me "funny face" (huh? Strange, no? At least I thought so as a 4, 5, 6, 7 etc year old) One time when my class was walking from the annex to the church for First Communion classes, a big kid stuck his foot out and tripped me and I skinned my knee. The lovely older kid of course took into account his religious studies and took a moment to laugh at me. Sister Catherine put alcohol and a Band-Aid on my cut, but then later Miss DeRosa yelled at me for not being able to kneel properly on the kneeler. Sheesh. Not a *good* memory, but it's what comes to mind when I think about Sister Catherine. Sr. did come to my father's funeral in 1989. That was nice of her. I remember Sr Catherine and her ever clanging bell signaling us as to what time to stand and pray at meals, or to sit or to be quiet etc. And the way she would rock back and forth on her heels as she surveyed our sea of little faces in the cafeteria.

When my family and friends would walk home from school, we walked down toward Beach and sometimes my mom would stop on the corner there across from that candy store to chat with other parents. My best friend Nicole and I would play on those three or four steps right there on that corner. I pity the poor person who lived there now seeing as how we would practice jumping off each step as if it were a great achievement. We'd also yell something once we jumped off. I think it was "Superman!" or something to that effect. I suppose we were easily amused in those days, lol:) Does anyone else remember those steps? To me they were steep but then, I was pretty small! :P

I remember my dad taking me on walks to Parkchester. We had a car but he never used it unless it was necessary and a walk into and around Parkchester just wasn't far enough to warrant firing it up. He walked *so fast*. I always had to ask him to slow down. We'd go to Zarro's and get bread, go to the library (when it was still in that little building -- anyone remember? you had to go upstairs to get to it?). It later moved over to a huge building across from McDonald's. My dad and I were big on libraries and he'd take me to the Baychester one and others. I am still big on libraries, being a writer and all :)

I remember going to Roy Roger's with my mom, and I remember when Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips was over there near the Met oval. My grandmother and I went to the restaurant there a lot as well.

Our apartment at 1534 was on the 4th floor and we lived right above my grandmother (she was in apt 16 and that's where my mom grew up, too). I loved the view from my bedroom window -- my sister and I shared the front room and we saw the sunset over the rooftops every night. There was a beacon in the distance that glowed red and went on and off at night and I always wanted to catch it when it first came on but I never did. I found it very relaxing just to watch it and always wondered what it looked like at the base and what it was used for.

Noble Building could be seen in the distance and in winter when the leaves were gone from the trees, I could see my school room from my bedroom window when I was in the 6th grade. It was always nice to hear the bells from St Anthony's chiming and calling us all to Mass.

We used to play at the park around the corner from 1534 -- Steveie the ice cream man would come around and I loved that change holder on his belt. Whenever we'd hear him we'd all yell "Stevie!" and go fetch our mothers for some money.

I remember people dancing the "Bus Stop" in that park and also one of my friendís cousins brought us her pet rock. She kept insisting it was alive but I didn't believe her. Looked like a plain old potato shaped rock to me!

On St. Patrick's Day or thereabouts we'd all go to Irish Night in the gym. They'd have rows and rows of tables all set with corned beef and cabbage, etc. I loved the dancers and the music.

In the same gym I remember seeing "White's Magic" -- a family magic show that performed there every so often. It was always a treat to see their show. I wonder where they are now.

There were also great rummage sales held in the gym. :)

I think St. Anthony's church is the most beautiful church I've seen yet. I really miss seeing it. As it is Easter today I am brought back to when we would have the Mass where we all held the candles and renewed our Baptismal promises, and at subsequent Masses I would always scrape the wax from the seat in front of me while I was kneeling, lol. Even though the candles had those little aluminum trays to catch the wax, some seemed to escape and fall onto the pews.

I had my first Penance with Father Laszcano. I loved him; he was so nice to me.

I remember when Father Staubach died and they laid him out down the center aisle of the church. Some of us kids went in to see him and we just circled him, fascinated. I think that was my first ever view of someone who'd died.

Those are just some things I remember on this fine Easter. Happy Easter to everyone, have a beautiful and blessed day wherever you are!

Name: Laura <>
Date: 2004-04-09
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1430 & 1480 Thieriot Avenue
When did you live there 1962 to 1984
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no, in the Co-ops
I share in the reminiscence of Stratton Park which, as a child, was a lovely place. Brick walls were free from graffiti during the earlier years, nearby Parkchester was still a sought-after address and required stringent entrance admission if you desired to live there, and a highlight of any tween's day was a trip to Macy's, Woolworth's, Lerner's or, perhaps best of all, a film at Loew's American. One of my best memories was the yearly Santa Claus cottage that would be erected in front of the cinema. We lived in the Co-ops, which were grand buildings in comparison to many nearby tenement buildings. As a child, I truly believed we were rich! I attended St. Anthony's, where the nuns ruled supreme and invariably blushed when a class was graced by the presence of a priest. Does anyone remember when male teachers first arrived on the scene? Oh, what a scandal! During my travels, I encountered a gentleman who had lived in the area prior to the Co-ops being built (I believe they were constructed circa 1957?); he delighted me with the information that the land was put to use as Victory Gardens during World War II. Interesting news!
Name: Maureen Bothe/Mary Griffith Bothe <>
Date: 2004-04-05
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1534 Beach Ave (Apts 16 & 23) (when I was little, 1426 Beach for a couple of years)
When did you live there circa 1932 all the way to 1989 (Mary & James, her children, children's children etc.)
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
This is Maureen, the daughter of Mary Bothe whom you may know as Mary Griffith, daughter of Mary and James (James was Deputy Inspector for the 43rd Precinct). She had three brothers, Jimmy (sadly passed away in 1999), Tommy (sadly passed away in 1982) and Vince (living in Missouri). She's asked me to post a few words here since she can not get to the computer regularly; I'm going to help her get in touch with others she's known here and please feel free to send me an email if you'd like to correspond.

She told me to add that she and Tommy were Irish dancers, they all went to St. Anthony's (as my sister and I also did), and these were some of her classmates: Margie Caola, Nancy Gordon, Jackie Bolta, John Sharkey. She also knew the Walsh's and the McQuillan's. She was most excited to hear the messages here as I read them to her over the phone! :) She says she misses the Bronx (we live in San Antonio, TX now. She has been here about a year and a half and I've been here about 4 and a half.)

I have my memories but Mom's are much more interesting and exciting. She remembers *everything*! We have heaps of photographs which I hope to scan in to share on the Stratton Park website. I was so surprised and pleased to find this site and message board.

Feel free to email at (I will have to make an email address for Mom so she can correspond via computer, or just email me and I'll make sure she gets the message directly!) I'll have mom come over tomorrow and hopefully she can begin the journey into the past and get to write and talk with her old friends and neighbors again. The stories she tells are just fantastic -- she makes the Bronx come alive in ways I never got to experience because by the time we left it was very much a changed place.



Name: Vivian (Durkin) Vonderhey <>
Date: 2004-04-05
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1467 Taylor Ave apt #3
When did you live there 1972-1986
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
I am The youngest Daughter of John Durkin who bartended at Jim Brinn's Bar. Everyone knew and LOVED my dad!! He was a great guy and I still miss him very much today. He Passed away 19 years ago. I was then adopted by my aunt and Uncle Mary and Gene Durkin and grew up in PA. I have the greatest memories growing up in the bronx!!!! went to P.S. 102 and J.H.S. 127. Went to St. Anthony's 3 times a week. And had the greatest people around me!! I now live in PA. and am married with a son of my own. Although I love living here I know my son will never experience the life I did growing up in the bronx. No matter how friendly people are here Nothing beats a neighbor from our neck of the woods there. I remember many people and friends of my dads. Dennis, Gigi, Artie, the hardings, and so many others. I played in the sprinkler from the fire hydrant, shot basketball at the park, played in the alley and waited impatiently for the ice cream man in the summer. The greatest memory I have from when I was a kid.. My dad the neighborhood hero, on a hot summer day all the kids were hot bored and whiny so my dad went to the corner deli bought an entire box of ice pops and walked down the street handing them out to all of the kids. Everyone loved him. I'm really happy to have found this website and will be checking in from time to time. Thanks for some nostalgia.
Name: Gene Durkin & Mary Durkin <>
Date: 2004-04-05
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1807 Archer street
When did you live there 1951
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
Mary said those were the best neighbor's anybody could possibly have. Friends; Eddie Hope, Mickey Harding, Jimmy Murray, Joe Desantis, Brother Dick Durkin. Fond memories.... Playing softball at Noble field with the Vannest shop guys, Baseball when we were younger...anyplace we could find to play like ferry point park (ferry point dodgers). neighborhood party and parties on tar beach. My brother John Durkin bartender at the corner bar Jim Brinn's inn. The beer bar "the best beer in town" & the best hot dogs, and we can't forget those hot pastrami sandwiches with mustard and coleslaw on jewish rye!!!! Memories to last me a lifetime!!!
Name: Adriana Monti <>
Date: 2004-04-01
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1456 Leland Ave
When did you live there me: 1962-1983; my parents until 1995
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat I dont know - can I have a description?
I stumbled upon this site while searching for info on St Anthony's. In 1962, my parents moved from Manhattan to Leland Ave when I was 6 months old. It was a great neighborhood and convenient to everything since my parents never learned how to drive and relied on public transportation. I attended elementary school at St Anthony's and graduated in 1975. Although I passed the entrance exam for the Bronx High School of Science, I decided that Cardinal Spellman High School would best suit me.

I remember the yearly bazaars - the different games - stuffed toys and the money wheel. Buying pizza in the back. I also remember the school plays and how my knees would shake from stagefright. My mom was active in the Mother's Guild where they'd paly cards and have raffles. During school hours, the street in front of the church would be closed so that we could have recess. Om May day, they would have the ceremony to crown the Virgin Mary. There was a Father/Daughter breakfast that my dad and I attended once. The class outing at Noble Field.

A slice of pizza cost 25 cents - there were 2 pizza places I think - one on Archer closer to Beach and the other on Archer between Leland and Theriot. I live in Ohio now and the pizza does not taste anywhere near how great that pizza was. We used to fold the pizza in half to eat it - it was served on a thin piece of wax(?) paper. We had to use a paper napkin at the end to absorb all the grease or, just let it drip on the wax paper!!! Here in Ohio, they dont fold their pizza and they don't call it a "pie" or a "slice". And "thin" is not NYC thin crust....

I remember Msgr Ford. My parents knew him from their old neighborhood in midtown Manhattan on the east side. They lived there through WWII into the 1950's/60's. Sr Catherine, Sr Magaret stand out in my mind. The days a mass without air conditioning...

Our apartment on Leland was located between Archer and Wood. Diagonally across from the Synagogue. They were only 2 stories high. 4 apartments. Our buidlings were attached. The kitchen, living room, and bathroom windows faced a courtyard were the other 3 aparatments faced as well as all the apartments of the building next door. We could sometimes here the Cross Bronx or the planes for Laguardia. The apartment had two bedrooms that faced the back - looking onto the apratments from White Plains Rd.

I remember one neighbor washing out his wine barrels in the backyard in preparation for his new batch of wine...

Anyone remember Mimi in the candy store on Archer? The corner drugstore on Archer and Leland? Egg creams? I remember someone hanging a sign across Leland - the side north of Archer for when the Mets won the World Series (was that 1969?)

Trick-or-Treating was safer then - we'd go right after school. Here in Ohio, they schedule the day and time for trick or treating - between 6 and 8 pm. Not before or after - could it be like that now in the Bronx too?

Cooling off by the gushing water of the fire hydrants. It was thoughtful of the city to provide sprnkler caps so that the apartments would not lose water pressure and get brown water...

Parkchester... the Christmas display in the Circle where the water fountain was... the Hampton House restaurant... Macy's... Loew's - there was a triple feature of Plant of the Apes movies in 1972 ot '73...

Since my parents' did not drive, for Christmas, we'd walk down East Tremont Rd - nearly to Castle Hill Ave - where there was a train car filled with fresh pine trees. We'd pick our favorite and my dad, mom and me would carry it home.

Thank you for this forum to hold all our memories...

Name: Pat (Dillon) <>
Date: 2004-03-30
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1450 Taylor, 1459 Taylor, 1807 A rcher St.
When did you live there 1942-1967
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
Our apt. in 1459 was large by today's standards with a foyer large enough for a console table and a book case or a baby carriage. The large bedrooms faced Taylor. On summer nights we fell asleep listening to the conversations of people sitting under our windows trying to catch a summer breeze.
My first recollection of 1459 was the street celebration at the end of WWII.As I recall the streets were filled with people and I was given 2 pot covers to bang together.
The Brennan's were the first superintendents I remember. The building was mopped down, the brass polished and the entry windows cleaned every Sat. Every summer Mr. Brennen white-washed the alley. He'd put the sprinklers on during the hot summer days for his kids and other kids in the building.I think the Lynch and Mc Cormick families followed as "Supers".
The alleys, streets, sidewalks and hallways were our playgrounds. In the alleys we played with dolls, read books on hot summer days, sang for money on Thanksgiving and ran long-distance jump rope. Cutting through "my alley" to Beach Ave. was a short cut to Sam the Butcher,the candy store (Edna's?), Liotta Bakery, Tony's Deli on St. Lawrence and the Stratton Pk. Social Club. i went to bridal showers and took a few Irish dance lessons at the club.
Because our apt. was near the entrance to the building, I became familiar with the different sounds of people coming home. I remember PJ O'Hagen whistling, Larry Farrell singing and some teenagers singing acappella. Some of the 1459 residents were Strauss, O'Hagen,Florio, Walsh, Morris, Twomey, Levine, Tripodi,Galvin, Lacey, Gannon, Falanga,Williams, Solomon, Buzzing, McLaughlin, Farrell, Sullivan, McEnroe, Herbstuber,Peloso...Who's missing?
Sometimes there were celebrations in these apts. Friends and neighbors crowded together for Christenings, birthdays and graduations.As I recall neighbors were mostly tolerant of the party activity. At times, however, when the celebrating got too rowdy the police were called.
Many families had their troubles and their sorrows. I remember when one of the Lacey boys died and was waked in his apt. I remember the mournful cries of Mrs. Kirwin(1450) when her son was killed.
On the sidewalk I could roller skate, play ball and other games. Harry's candy store, the Deli, shoemaker, laundry, White's card store, Doc Adler's and Halperin's Grocery store were a short walk away. Doc Adler would remove splinters, remove dust from my eye and take time to chat. Doc and Mr./Mrs. Halperin were such kind and gentle people.
St. Anthony's was a big part of my life. I frequently went to 6:45 Mass. When Father Staubach celebrated I was on my home at 7:05 with time to stop at Halperin's for a delicious NY onion roll. St. Anthony's had its annual bazaar. There was usually a raffle for a bicycle. One year I was the lucky winner of a beautiful red Schwinn from Silvani's(?) bike store on Tremont.
1459 was coal heated. We depended on the Supers to rise early and stoke the furnace. The sound of the steam heat rising on a cold morning was a welcome sound. Sometimes the coal ash was used on icy sidewalks instead of sand or salt.
I only lived at 1807 a few years. One very nice memory is of Artie Quinn coming down to the front courtyard to lend a helping hand. My husband had had a knee operation and we were trying to figure out a way up the stairs using crutches.
I have enjoyed the old photos of the neighborhood, the history of the Stratton Park and the contributions of the other O'Leary Flat residents... When I drove by 1459 Taylor about 7 years ago 2 trees had been planted in front of the building. I'm curious, are they still there?

Name: Joe DeSantis <Bg1929Joe>
Date: 2004-03-21
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1460 Beach Ave.
When did you live there 1935-1951
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
somemore nostalgia;
Remember----sleigh riding down St.Lawrence Ave. to the
bottom where Tacoma St. met 177th St.,as a triangle,and there was a small candy store?----or climbing the back of the billboard in the empty lot across from there?----going
to St.Anthony's where Pastor Angelo Borreacchi reigned----
Father Hurley and the youth activities in the auditorium
basement----the Catholic Protectory grounds where Park-
chester now stands----trolley cars riding on rails in the
middle of Tremont Ave. on cobblestone paved roads----the Wood Ave. bar with it's old plank steps and flooring and a
juke box for dancing----playing stickball in the middle of
Beach Ave.---some stores were Shapiro's candy,John's deli,
Safeway's,a Chinese hand laundry,Callahan's candy and Kleins
jewish deli with an empty hilly,rocky lot next to it(with a
nice view of Archer St.)----the old tennis courts behind
Rosedale Ave.----the only library close by at Soundview and
Westchester Avenues and cutting through all the empty lots
from 177th St. to getting there----Starlight Park & pool and the old Coliseum,where they held midget auto races and circuses-----renting a rowboat at the Bronx River marina and rowing all the way to Fordham Road and back----the old movie theaters(Rosedale,Circle & Chester)and the newer ones(American & Unionport)----Hessdorfer's bar(with the only T.V. in town) to watch the Friday Night Fights----roller skating at St.Helena's----Dowling's Diner on White Plains Road & Tremont Ave.(late night food)-----all the great memories------do you remember??????

Name: Joe DeSantis <Bg1929Joe>
Date: 2004-03-13
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1460 Beach Avenue
When did you live there 1935-1953
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat Yes
A wonderful neighborhood with great comaraderie and beaut-
iful memories.Hung out in Abe's candy store on Archer St.
having a Pretzel & chocolate egg cream (the best).Some of
the'gang'were Micky Harding,Gene & Dick Durkin,Jimmie Murray
Gene O'Hanlon,Willie Farenga,Eddie Hope and Joe Shauble.The
girls were Mary McKeon,Claire Schweyer,Marilyn LeMon,Joan
Ryff,Kathleen & Beatrice Burke,Joan Collins and the Kelly

Name: Greg DiCarlo <>
Date: 2004-02-28
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1535 Taylor Ave.
When did you live there 1962-1973
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
PS 102 Park
Name: MaryAnne Reuther <>
Date: 2004-02-19
Where did you live in Stratton Park Beach & Commonwealth Avenues
When did you live there 1952-1977
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
My brother sent me this WEB site and it has brought so many memories. I agree with all the was a wonderful place to grow up. In the summer you knew it was time to go home after Steve came by in his ice cream truck. The park on Taylor Ave, where the big kids hung out on the upper level and the little ones on the lower level. What a day when I made it to the upper level. Another found memory was being a cheerleader for the Archer Street Rams. Thank you Eddie Stack! I went to Saint Anthonys and took Irish Step Dancing lessons in the Straton Park Club. I can remember my mother going to Dr Alders to call her family. A telephone was not a staple in every house, can you imagine that! After the call we would go to Abe's candy store for a vanilla coke and a 2 cent pretzel.I also remember Mr. Kings dry cleaners and Sarah candy store on Beach Ave and E. Tremont.
I am sure people don't believe me when I say there is no place else in the world that I would have chosen to grow up.

Name: pat bappert <>
Date: 2004-02-19
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1807 archer street
When did you live there 1949-1970
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
anyone wishing to contact pat bappert -pete the barber's daughter - use e-mail address above-


Name: bunny bappert <>
Date: 2004-02-19
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1807 archer street
When did you live there 1942-1966
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
this is coming from bunny bappert, pat bappert and chickie bappert - daughters of "Pete the Barber" - for those who remember our dad this is a note just to let you know that our dad sadly passed away on February 17th, 2004-
Giove Funeral Home-1000 middle country rd- (rt 25)-selden, ny - (631)732-1800- friday - 2/20/04-2-4pm and 7-9:30pm-sat-2/21/04-st margaret of scotland church in selden at 10am - he will be missed - thanks-

Name: bob hammer <>
Date: 2004-02-05
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1426 Beach ave apt 23
When did you live there 1943 - 1958
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
I'm now in texas but miss the bronx
Name: Maureen Carr <>
Date: 2004-02-02
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1443 Taylor
When did you live there 1944-1960
Hi and thank you for this website.
I am Maurren Purcell Carr and lived in 1443 Taylor Avenue from 1944-1960
(although my family lived there much longer).
I became aware of this website through Kathleen Flynn Hunter Haire who was my
classmate at St. Anthony's. We just had a wonderful reunion for the class of

1953 in City Island. I encourage other classes to do this. It was great fun to see
your friends 50 years later. I can say that, although we may have aged a bit, it is so
refreshing that the personalities remained the same as those "kids" we knew in St.
Anthony's. It was so much fun to see all.
Unfortunately, 13 that we know of have passed on, and we were unable to find 20. I had attended a few Mudbowls, but really enjoyed them in the school auditorium. Will check in periodically.

Name: bunny bappert <>
Date: 2004-01-31
Where did you live in Stratton Park archer st
When did you live there 1942-1966
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat yes
i have been in this site before and have a comment in there-my e-mail address has changed recently - new e-mail is it would be nice from old friends from the neighborhood-

thanks-bunny bappert

Name: Virginia Benkovic <>
Date: 2004-01-27
Bunny Bappert please e-mail me. I have tried to get to you twice and it keeps coming back unknown. I have a christmas postcard, taken many moons ago, of you and your sisters and o one of your Mom and my aunt that I would like to send to you.
Name: Virginia (Benkovic) (Tobin)Valverde <>
Date: 2004-01-26
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1527 Taylor Ave.
When did you live there Late 40's to early 60's
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat I guess I did and never knew it.
It was so good to find this site. I really do miss all the friends and fun we had. God it was so innocent then. My aAunt just passed away and she still lived on Theriot Ave. I remember all the names I just read about. Especially the "Parkie" Ed Stack, in charge of our playground at 102. My brother Eddie lives in Queens, Jim lives in Westchester, Kathy and I both live on Long Island. I sometimes see Helena McNIff. I just found pictures of my brother in law Johnny Tobin, and Ed Meehan. (Both wqho have passed away.)
Again thanks so much for this site it is great.

Name: John CroninJr. <>
Date: 2004-01-26
Where did you live in Stratton Park 1475 Taylor Ave
When did you live there 67 -77
Did you live in an O' Leary Flat no
I have the best memories of that place.I've lived in a few places since there but.Stratton Park will always be my home.There were alot of great memories there with my family and my cousins,and all my aunts and uncles.It was a great family atmosphere,I've never seen anywhere like it since.I remember growing up spending alot of time ay noble field with my Dad's CALECA AUTO LITTLE LEAGUE TEAM{WHICH I LATER PLAYED FOR].I remember great characters there such as JOHN THE WASH GUY ,SAM WHO OWNED THE CANDY STORE,and countless others.It was great place to live as I sais and I'll never forget how great it was.


Established in 2003, This page is a monument to a little spot in the Bronx called Stratton Park. Once the name of a thriving community, it describes a part of the Bronx situated between White Plains Road to the Bronx River Parkway, East Tremont Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway. The neighborhood was named for a real estate developer, John Stratton O'Leary, who starting in 1926 built blocks of apartment buildings that would become the heart of Stratton Park. His buildings were also known un-officially as the O'Leary Flats. The Purpose of this web site is to remember Stratton Park and to pay tribute to John O'Leary and the many others that made it a great place to live, work and play. Please visit our Message Board to see what other have said and perhaps add your own remembrances and facts.